About us


Just how often do you hear agencies using expressions such as ‘integrated approach’ and ‘tailor-made strategies’? Hardly differentiating qualities any more, are they? In fact we’d go so far as to say that these are necessities. A given. Must-haves.

So at BZ Marketing we start by getting all of the me-too stuff out of the way. Of course we’re integrated. Yes, we can work across all platforms to extremely tight deadlines. And naturally ours is a full-service agency. Now, let’s talk about something more interesting. Something which, for over three decades, has allowed us to set our stall out differently. Something that has enabled us to build an agency unlike any other.

The ‘Client Experience’, getting to know our creative team, building the relationship, being able to talk directly to any designer working on your behalf ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

You see, at BZ we’re all dedicated senior creatives, even our account handlers. Which means that every one of us knows the business inside out. Therefore we can get down to the coalface of creativity straight from the off, think laterally about a problem and come up with innovative solutions quickly, saving everybody time and money.