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  • Direct Mail v Press or Online Advertising

    Is Direct Mail more effective?

    Remsdaq Direct Mail

    According to a 5 year analysis of the market, 80% of consumers prefer to receive offers via Direct Mail rather than press and online adverts or any other form of marketing.

    Direct Mail is often criticised, but ELMA, the European Letterbox Marketing Association research highlights an increase of 4.8% in media spend and 3.8% in volume and growing quicker than Television. The research carried out up until 2014 across 20 countries and 180 million households, despite an increase in digital media usage and recession, usage has increased to 110 billion Direct Mail pieces and media spend by 4.8% up to €3.84 billion.

    From the most recent figures up to the end of 2014, Germany saw an increase of 14 to 18 Direct Mail pieces per week and Croatia increased from 8 to 11, whilst due to economic pressures Italy saw a decrease from 10 to 6. On average UK households receive 4 pieces a week and throughout EU the average still remains 12. The Netherlands continues to receive the highest amount of Direct Mail pieces in EU which increased by 1 up to 36 per week and Romania and Ireland receive the lowest at 2 per week.

    The largest volumes by country in 2014 was Germany with 28.9m followed by France with 21.024m, The Netherlands with 10.9m, Italy with 8.3m with the UK coming 6th with 6.18m. The greatest percentage of advertising spend for Direct Mail during 2014 was Northern EU with Norway 7%, Finland 6.1% and Sweden and Denmark 5.1% with the lowest being Slovakia 1%, Ireland 1.1% and Germany and the UK 1.4%. And the average amount of advertising spend for Direct Mail throughout EU was 2.1%.

    There has been an unparalleled change in marketing with a swift increase of channels and audience fragmentation. Direct Mail as been around for a long time and it’s effectiveness as a marketing device for retailers to target promotions has been put to the test and over 60% of consumers still prefer to obtain these offers via Direct Mail. And analysis still continues to demonstrate Direct Mail’s effectiveness as a channel which has grown faster than TV and massively out performed press during that period.

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