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  • Celebrating over 25 years of creativity

    Celebrating over 25 years of creativity

    Happy 25th Birthday

    2013 sees a milestone in the history of BZ Marketing. This year we celebrate over 25 years of delivering creative success. BZ started back in 1987 and since then there have been many changes in communication, including new forms of digital media, email, the internet, social media and of course not forgetting the introduction of the Mac by Steve Jobs in 1984 which revolutionised the advertising industry. The one thing however the Mac didn’t revolutionise was our creativity, which is a natural born talent along with the ability to think laterally, something that our clients have the utmost respect and appreciation for. We’ve embraced every form of new technology that’s come along, and as you can imagine we’ve grown somewhat over the years, but strategically, and we’re now poised and ready for another 25 years. 

  • I+K


    BZ know how

    The Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) came into force on 01.06.07. Supported by GHS and CLP, REACH was introduced to ensure a high level for protection of human health and the environment as well as the free circulation of substances on the internal market while enhancing competitiveness and innovation. When it comes to chemical compliance there are no grey areas and companies who do not comply with the latest legislation face severe financial penalties, and keeping up to date with all the latest changes is a stressful and complex task.

    Switzerland based I+K who are experts in their field have developed a solution that takes the complexity out of chemical compliance and eradicates the risk of penalisation. is an online compliance tool that does all the hard work for you. The only problem was  I+K didn’t know the most effective way to take to market. BZ were engaged by I+K to re-evaluate their existing marketing material and upon analysis it was clear that I+K’s literature was very confusing with no indication as to what was being promoted. Rather than enhancing I+K’s current literature, BZ proposed a clever targeted direct mail campaign utilising a diamond shaped chemical label which folded out to deliver key messages. Although takes the complexity out of compliance, BZ certainly took the complexity out of the marketing and delivered a DM piece with real impact.

  • Jiahua Chemicals

    Jiahua Chemicals

    BZ get the green light!

    Jiahua Chemicals, one of China’s leading Polyol producers has recently launched a new R&D Centre in Pu Dong, Shanghai. Here a brand new range of sustainable, renewable polyols utilising natural palm oil have been developed in combination with novel green blowing agents. These polyols make PUR rigid foams with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and with less than 5 Global Warming Potential which if used for insulation is a readily available solution to Global Warming.

    Both products, Puranol SR and Greenmate were being launched at PU China 2013 along with the announcement of Jiahua’s new R&D Centre. In order to communicate Jiahua’s commitment to the environment and the development of their new green polyols and blowing agents, a strong concept was developed which combined “green” and “innovation” together in one headline… “Greenovation”. A clever use of green palm leaves photographically manipulated onto each individual building along the Shanghai skyline reinforced environmentally friendly insulation, whilst Shanghai itself is recognised as the centre of the PU industry in China. This was carried across all pre-event marketing and onto Jiahua’s 10m x 10m stand. The result was marketing campaigns with real stand out, dynamic stand graphics, an influx of visitors and sales enquiries and the green light for BZ to be contracted as Jiahua’s global agency and exhibition designers for UTECH 2014.

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