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The Forgetting Tab

The Forgetting Tab-Alzheimer's

With over 22 million monthly users, Vietnam’s leading internet browser, Cốc Cốc has introduced “The Forgetting Tab”, a creative campaign conceptualised by Isobar Vietnam to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s amongst Vietnamese.

In the UK alone over 3/4 of a million people suffer with Alzheimer’s and one person every 3 minutes will be diagnosed. In 2025 the numbers are expected to rise to over 1 million and to soar to over 2 million in 2051.

“The Forgetting Tab” uses Cốc Cốc’s existing incognito mode, or “private” browsing where nothing is saved in the browser, search history or cookie store to draw attention to the forgetfulness that characterises Alzheimer’s. It presents users who want to surf incognito with an emotional message (via film) about Alzheimer’s, in the hope of bringing people’s attention to this serious, life-debilitating disease that robs you of your identity by slowly erasing your precious memories. It doesn’t just affect patients, but also their carers, family and friends. Users can then click through to learn more about the disease and care.

The film was scripted and produced by Isobar Vietnam with the help of Yeti Films, and directed by award-winning Tibetan filmmaker, Tsering Tashi Gyalthang.

Alzheimer’s is a growing problem in Vietnam and “The Forgetting Tab” is a simple, yet innovative approach to generate awareness, especially in a country with massive internet use. This is an idea that could be adopted in the UK and easily be adapted by other browsers with private / incognito mode. In its first week “The Forgetting Tab” campaign was well received with 729,078 media impressions, 8,818 click-throughs and 380,730 new browsers installed.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s before YOU forget!

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