The rise of digital & video content - Part 4

4. Are the big Techies that are driving content trends, friends or enemies?

BZ Marketing-Marketing Chester-Big Techies

An essential part of delivering a brand’s message is having an in depth understanding of Google and Facebook. They are technologies that are evolving extremely quickly, and despite their size, the teams that develop their advertising products are extremely innovative.

To reach consumers by tapping into the big techies knowledge-base can be very useful. For instance, YouTube has launched a new programme called YouTube Labs which brings together creators and advertisers to help brands and agencies create more relevant content. Facebook Live on the other hand is testing short ad breaks, giving brands the opportunity to have an advert inside their own Facebook story.

Developing partnerships with the big techies is a bit of a win-win situation as both parties end up looking good. Facebook and Google are experts in understanding consumers and their analytics help us understand what their platform does and it’s capabilities, which is extremely helpful. Bthe skills and expertise offered by agencies cannot be reproduced by the big techies which brings respect as we advertising agencies know our clients better than the big techies do.

In the future, should start up companies be concerned about Facebook and Google? The main concern is that apart from being massive organisations they have a bit of a monopoly, and from a consumers perspective they should err on the side of caution with the amount of advertising they pump out. While we value their expertise, we should never lose sight of what’s on the horizon and ensure that despite close partnerships there is still major interest in what gives the best return.

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