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Website Design

Are you being penalised?

If your current website is not designed to be mobile friendly then you are most definitely being penalised

Google have been penalising companies that do not have responsive or mobile friendly websites since 21st April and will continue to do so. Have you started to wonder why your online enquiries, sales and traffic to your website may have decreased?

• According to Google over 70% of all searches are done via mobile devices

• Google now determine where you rank depending on whether you have a mobile website and how good it actually is

• When users engage with you brand online via PC or Mac they expect the same experience when visiting your mobile device

• If the visitor experience to you website on a mobile device is poor, then you are certainly damaging your brand

By redesigning your website now making sure it is responsive or mobile friendly you will not be penalised by Google. Consequently you will see more traffic to your website and see an increase in leads and sales, or at least see them return to their previous levels. Not only that, you’ll also be protecting your brand.

For more information feel free to contact us and we’ll guide you through the whole process, from design and build through to optimisation, launch and online marketing.

Here are a few examples of our responsive mobile friendly sites:-

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